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Ok, I just finished this Kankri beadwork, and am excited to be doing a giveaway for the chance to win it. It can be used as a bracelet or a banner and either way, is perfect for reminding you to check your privilege. Here are the details:

  • To win, all you need to do is reblog this post and add a few (or more) lines of Kankri dialogue that you find particularity enjoyable. The text can be of your own creation or from one of the recent updates.
  • Any reblogs/likes without those notes are still eligible to win the second prize, which is that tiny Sufferer symbol bead in the lower pics.
  • If you win the 2nd prize but you don’t like it, I’m up for any medium to small size cross stitch or bead requests. Just tell me what you want.
  • I’ll ship anywhere for no cost to you, but your ask needs to be open so I can tell you you won.
  • You don’t have to follow me to be able to win, but it sure would be nice to have more then ten followers (I don’t even post that much).
  • The Kankri sprite is a slightly modified version of the lovely work from
  • You can reblog as many times as you want, but be sure to check your follower privilege.
  • The winners will be chosen randomly on October 13th.

Giveaway is over: Winners were latoolapyrope for the Kankri bead and sassafraspants for the sufferer bead or something else. Thanks!

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    i loved when kankri was talking to karkat and he said “I kn9w y9u’re very excited t9 c9ntinue 9ur discussi9n, and I...
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